bio engine oil


World Leading Developer and Manufacturer of High Performance Biobased Lubricant Technology (See Company History tab above) 

Since 1991, RLI™ has been the biobased technology leader with R&D Heavily Supported by Commodity Organizations, Government Grants, and Strategic Partners.

First BioBased lubricant company to be approved for military tatical applications.

First to use high-oleic vegetable oil in combustion engines.

First biobased lubricants (engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil) to set speed records in 7 world racing titles.

Most Published Success Profiles and Testimonials in the Biobased Lubricant Industry (See Testimonials and Success Profiles)

Not all Biobased Products Perform Equally!

Experience and Technical Expertise to Service Customers’ Needs

Over 180 US and International patents. Click here to view issued patents