ASTM D-5864 Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants.

Ultimate Biodegradation Pw1 60% or greater in 28 days is the highest standard in Biodegradability.

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Since 1991, Renewable Lubricants Inc. (RLI) has been under an intensive R&D program collecting confidential data for RLI’s biobased technology. Many different additives and base oils were reviewed for performance and toxicological properties. In 1993, RLI received a USA/DOD Grant where RLI collaborated with Lubrizol and State Universities. During the R&D, Lubrizol and RLI reviewed and tested many additives and shared the data. The R&D continued with Grants from the United Soybean Board and additional collaborations from Dow AgroSciences, Ohio Soybean Council, Battelle Institute, National & Ohio Corn Growers Associations, and other government organizations. The Eco-toxicity and Biodegradability Tests were conducted and shared on many different additives in vegetable oils and synthetic base oils.

In 2002 RLI in collaboration with Chevron Phillips Chemical, constructed at RLI’s laboratory the ASTM D-5864 Biodegradability Test. From November 2002 to January 2005 RLI ran 42 Biodegradability Tests. RLI’s complete setup measured the biodegradability of six sample formulations in triplicate along with vegetable oil controls and blanks over a 28 day period.

Ultimate Biodegration = Complete Biodegration. Molecular cleavage must be sufficiently extensive to remove biological, toxicological, chemical and physical properties associated with the use of the original product, eventually forming carbon dioxide and water.The bacterial microorganisms used in biodegradation tests are some of the simplest forms of life, and like all living organisms, are adversely affected by the presence of chemical toxins. The low toxicity of these biobased products is demonstrated by the microorganism’s ability to multiply and biodegrade Renewable Lubricants’ Biobased Products in ASTM D-5864 biodegradation studies.