Bio-Soy Orange™ All-Purpose Degreaser/Cleaner

An excellent biobased, biodegradable degreaser/cleaner that is a safe improvement over petroleum solvents.
Bio-Soy Orange™ is a highly concentrated industrial degreaser that removes and cleans surfaces of stubborn
stains, greases, and oily grimy dirt fast. Nothing cleans better than Bio-Soy Orange™. A super all-purpose
product for degreasing and cleaning warehouses and shop walls, oily floors, parts, tools, engines, and
equipment. Unbelievable cleaning ability on RV camper and motor-home black streaks. Excellent for cleaning
road grime and tar from tires and vehicles. This non-foaming product is great for cleaning and lifting cooked on
grease and fats off of stoves and grills. Also excellent for cleaning boats, decks, and around marine areas. EPA,
OSHA, and Workers Acceptance is high with Biobased Products.

This fresh citrus scented nonflammable biobased product is specially formulated with soy and orange solvents
to provide an environmentally safe improvement in removing: Dirt Grease Scum Oil Tar Wax Asphalt
Glue Mildew Tree Sap Tiremarks Scuffmarks

Applications: –Military –Industrial –Transportation –Marine –Agricultural –Home Use

wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum siding, tires, wheels, grills, decks, walls, floors, tile and grout, bathroom
sinks, tubs, toilets, counter tops, cabinets, hood and exhaust vents, showers, fireplaces, etc.