Bio-Dry Slide™ Lubricant Food Grade H1

 (Anti-wear, Anti-stick Release Agent)

“Biobased Lubricants that Perform Like Synthetics”

Bio-Dry Slide Lubricant is a biobased Extreme Pressure (EP) formulation specially designed for lubricating sliding surfaces that require a fast dry solid lubricant or release agent.  This product is fortified with a food grade1 synthetic white graphite EP that lubricates and reduces friction equal or better than PTFE.  It is formulated in a unique biodegradable, biobased carrier and provides excellent Coefficient of Friction (0.08) on sliding surfaces with added anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-wear protection.  In addition, this white graphite has shown to provide improved lubrication over 1000ºC after black graphite, PTFE, and molybdenum disulfide loses their lubrication between 400ºC and 500ºC.  It contains no Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, Tetrafluoroethane, heavy metals, lead, antimony, zinc, or chlorine.

Bio-Dry Slide Lubricant is an ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE product that is formulated from renewable agricultural plant resources.  We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable materials.

Application: Shake Well Before Use

Bio-Dry Slide Lubricant provides anti-stick in molds, fixtures, dies, and assembly machines.  It is specifically designed not to leave an oily film that will attract dirt and provide anti-wear protection in sliding surfaces.  It will provide a white lubricating solid film after the biobase carrier cleanly dissipates.  Other applications including: pipe threads, bolts, hinges, tool, drive chains, guns, bicycle chains, wire ropes, cables, slide-ways, and heavy hinge pins.  The perfect solution for sticking or squeaking doors, windows, drawers, locks, zippers, moving machinery parts, skates, bikes, sleds, skis, reels.  It penetrates around moving parts and leaves a white dry lubrication film to prevent rust and corrosion.  It’s an extreme pressure lubricant that’s an excellent treatment for leaf springs, steering and suspension components, battery connections and any other metal surfaces that are subject to rust and corrosion. 

Typical Specifications:

TextureFast Dry Solid Powder
Solvent CarrierBiobased Volatile Liquid
Viscosity @40℃, cSt. (D-445) 6 cSt
Corrosion Test ASTM D-665Pass Clean
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-1301A
4-Ball Wear ASTM D-22660.4 mm
4-Ball EP ASTM D-2596Weld 200 kg

1Food Grade components in this product are listed in 21 CFR 178.3570, Lubricants for incidental food contact (USDA HX-1 for use in H1).  Full compliance with other applicable restrictions of FDA, USDA, oil spill, and oil pollution prevention statutes is recommended.