Bio-Food Grade™ HT Anti-Seize Compound

Bio-Food Grade™ HT (High Temperature) Anti-Seize Compound is a biobased Extreme Pressure (EP) compound specially formulated for lubricating sliding surfaces (i.e. bolt and pipe threads).  This Food Grade1 product is fortified with synthetic white graphite EP that will lubricate at extreme high pressures and temperatures up to and over 1000ºC.  Bio-Food Grade™ HT Anti Seize Compound provides excellent anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-wear protection and is non- staining to aluminum and yellow metals.  In addition, it provides for good low temperature mobility and excellent resistance to water.  It contains no heavy metals, lead, antimony, zinc, or chlorine. Bio-Food Grade™ HT Anti-Seize Compound is an ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE product that is formulated from biodegradable and renewable agricultural plant resources.  We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable materials. This safe, nonflammable, biobased product contains no hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and EPA, OSHA, and Workers Acceptance is high with Biobased Products.

Application:   –Food Manufacturing –Military  –Industrial  –Transportation  –Marine  –Agricultural –Mining

Bio-Food Grade™ HT Anti-Seize Compound is specifically designed to provide high anti-weld protection and withstand high pressures in sliding surfaces. It protects the shoulder and threads of bolts and pipes against damage from galling or seizure. Other applications including: tool joints, chains, cables, slideways, fifth wheels, king pins, chassis, hinge pins, studs, packing glands, gaskets, valves, pump shafts, screw shafts, or in slow moving rollers and bearings of high temperature ovens.  In addition, Bio-Food Grade™ HT Anti-Seize Compound is recommended for high temperature oven chains and rollers where this white graphite film has been known to perform at extreme high temperatures for kiln support rollers and bearings. This white graphite has shown to provide improved lubrication after black graphite, PTFE, and molybdenum disulfide lose their lubrication between 400ºC and 500ºC. 

Typical data:

NLGI Grade1
ThickenerAluminum Complex
Penetration Worked (D-217)310-340
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40C, cSt ASTM D-44546
  Viscosity @ 100C, cSt ASTM D-44510
  Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270196
  Flash Point (COC) ASTM D-92310C
  Pour Point ASTM D-97-25C
4-Ball Wear ASTM D-22660.40 mm
4-Ball EP ASTM D-2596Weld 315 kg
LWI 44
Timken OK Load ASTM D-250945+ lbs.

1 Base oils and additives in this product are listed in 21 CFR 178.3570, Lubricants for incidental food contact (USDA H-1).  Full compliance with other applicable restrictions of FDA, USDA, oil spill, and oil pollution prevention statutes is recommended.