MaxxLife™ HT 220 High Temperature Multipurpose Grease NLGI # 2

This High Temperature EP grease is a state-of-the-art product, characterized by exceptional mechanical and oxidation stability. MaxxLife HT™ 220 is the little brother to the heavy duty MaxxLife HT™ 600 (see MaxxLife HT 600 data sheet). The very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, superior corrosion protection, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range, make it a high performance premium multipurpose grease. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives. This EP grease is formulated with a state-of-the-art overbased calcium sulfonate thickener that gives long life at high temperatures, high extreme pressure characteristics and exceeds NLGI GC/LB (ASTM D-4950).

Applications: Industrial and mining machinery, transportation, agricultural, marine applications, construction and forestry equipment, paper mills, conveyors, journal bearings, electric motors, and pumps can benefit from its long lasting protection.

  • Unique high performance multipurpose automotive and industrial grease
  • Increases bearing life 2-4 times over conventional (soap-based) grease lubricants (e.g. Lithium/Lithium Complex, etc.)
  • Provides significant protection in automotive, industrial and agricultural wheel bearing applications where temperatures can be high due to heat from disc brakes
  • Excellent for chassis lubrication because of superior low temperature properties, shear stability, and water resistant
  • Preferred grease for lubrication of antifriction bearings
  • Recommended for (Seal For Life) Applications
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent compatibility with other greases

Typical Specifications:

Base Oil Viscosity SUS @ 100 oFASTM D-4451100
Pour Point, oFASTM D-975
Operating Temperature Range ASTM D-566-20°F to +350°F
Dropping Point F oF (oC) ASTM D-2265+572 (+300)
Water washout @ 79oC (175oF) % loss ASTM D-12642.75
4-Ball wear test mm, 40kg, 1200 RPM 75oC, 1 H ASTM D-22660.39
4-Ball EP test ASTM D-2596
LWI, kg 65
Weld point, kg 500
Timken OK load lbs ASTM D-250965
Pen. @ 250C (77oF) mm/10ASTM D-217
Pen. worked 60 strokes 270
Pen. worked 10,000 strokes change from 60 strokes -1
Pen. worked 100,000 strokes change from 60 strokes 2
Salt Fog Corrosion hrs ASTM B-1174,000