Bio-SynXtra™ High Temperature Lubricants

Bio-SynXtra™ High Temperature Lubricants are unique biobased, synthetic-ester, food grade1 lubricants designed to lubricate bearings, chains, slides, and gears in industrial applications where air temperatures often exceed 500ºF (260℃).  These biodegradable2 products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), provide very high fire points (ASTM D-92), and contain No Petroleum Carbon.


-Roller chains on oven conveyors-Lithographic chains, beverage can lines
-Tenter frames in textile plants-Kiln car wheel bearing/refractory plants
-Paint lines, drying ovens-Sealed for life units
-Kiln support rollers, cement plants-Bakery oven chains
-Automatic lubrication systems-Heat transfer fluid 

Multi-Applications: Hydraulic systems, compressors, gear drives, gearhead motors, drip oilers, air-tools, water pumps, bearings, machine oils, chains, cables, turbines, circulating oils, etc., and general lubrication.

Outstanding Advantages:

Exceptional High Temperature Stability- made from bio-synthetic and biodegradable2 base oils that reduce tendency to form hard carbon deposits in high temperature applications up to 270℃.

Cleanliness (ashless) – helps to eliminate accumulation of hard carbon solids that create maintenance clean-up problems and downtime, cleans chains already dirtied by inferior lubricants.

Better Protection- reduces wear, rust, oxidation, and corrosion; extends equipment life, reduces maintenance costs.

Low Volatility- maintains a liquid lubricating film at elevated temperatures, thus providing substantially longer lubrication intervals, reduced lubricant consumption, less smoke, and no bad odors.

Energy Efficient- clean, fluid-film lubricants, reduce energy consumption in equipment.

Optimum Viscosity- is provided by the High Viscosity Index that gives optimum lubrication at higher operating temperatures.

  Eco-Non Toxic– complies with Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Environmentally Friendly ISO15380

Typical Data:

ISO Grade68100150220
Specific Gravity @ 60℉, (ASTM D-287)0.980.980.991
Viscosity (ASTM D-445)    
@100℃ cSt1013.917.824
@40℃ cSt6499137205
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)141142144145
NOACK Volatility %, 250℃ (ASTM D-5800)2.52.522
Flash Point (ASTM D-92) 265℃ 268℃ 270℃ 270℃
Fire Point, COC (ASTM D-92)304℃309℃309℃309℃
Pour Point (ASTM D-97)-48℃-45℃-43℃-40℃
Rust Prevention A,B (ASTM D-665)PassPassPassPass
Copper Corrosion Strip 3hr @ 100℃(ASTM D-130) 1A1A 1A 1A 
4 Ball Wear,1h, 54℃  ,1800 RPM, 20kg (U.S. Steel S-205)0.35mm0.32mm0.32mm0.32mm
4 Ball Weld (ASTM D-2783)200kg200kg200kg200kg

1Base oils and additives in these products are listed in 21 CFR 178.3570, NSF HX-1 food grade components, and Lubricants for incidental food contact (USDA H1). Full compliance with other applicable restrictions of FDA, USDA, oil spill, and oil pollution prevention statutes is recommended.