Bio-Penetrating Lubricant™ (BPL™)

A specially formulated, ultimately biodegradable1 penetrant that can be used as a light lubricant.  Because of the super high viscosity index of the HOBS, this product performs in many applications.  BPL™’s patented composition of additives and base fluids provides a protective, thin film lubricant.  This natural oily film has shown in laboratory and field tests to outperform petroleum base oils in terms of natural lubricity. 

BPL™ is formulated to penetrate into close tolerant areas, then lubricate, and prevent corrosion.  BPL™’s ability to creep is demonstrated by placing a 3/8” x 2” bolt on its head with ¼” of BPL in the bottom of a lab beaker; BPL™ creeps vertically up the threads.  It protects deep into the core of a cable or chain link and is excellent as a light air tool lubricant and preservative oil for parts.  BPL™ contains no VOCs, displaces moisture, and provides a high dielectric (47 kV ASTM D-877) insulating property in electrical equipment.  BPL™ has exceptional benefits over petroleum oils in these applications because there is direct danger of polluting the water, soil, or work environment through loss of the petroleum lubricant.

BPL is a product that everyone needs.  It performs as a penetrant, but best of all, it is a multifunctional product.  BPL is an excellent lubricant as shown in, ASTM D-2266 4 ball wear test .40 mm scar wear, and passes clean (no rust) on ASTM D-665 both A and B corrosion test.  BPL product applications include corrosion inhibitor/preservative oil for outside applications or in the inner plant production work area for protecting parts.  Because it lubricates, it can be used for metalworking, fabricating, assembly oils, and to protect dies and molds from corrosion and wear.  Another area includes chain and cable lubrication – it penetrates deep into the inner core of the cable or chain link, preventing rust and wear.  It has the right formulation to be an excellent, light air tool oil and spindle oil for high speeds.  BPL can be used to protect guns and tools (passes salt water corrosion protection ASTM D-665) and it tests excellent on yellow metals (passes copper strip corrosion ASTM D-130 test 1A).  The advantages are many:  biodegradable, renewable, low toxicity, environmentally non-toxic, contains no hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), safer, helps secure the American Economy, reduces our dependence on foreign oils, and multi-performance. EPA, OSHA, and Workers Acceptance is high with Biobased Products.

Applications     – Military – Industrial    – Transportation      – Marine – Agricultural 

Tools               Machine Tools             Bearings                       Bolts                        Jacks                Assembly Parts                        Wire ropes                   Chains                        Dies                 Shafts                          Hinges             Firearms                        Locks               Linkage Cables                       Air Valves                   Air Tools

Typical Data

Specific Gravity @60℉ASTM D-2870.87
Viscosity @40℃, cSt.ASTM D-44513
Flash Point, PMCCASTM D-93295℉(℃146℃)
Pour Point ASTM D-97-30℃
Copper Corrosion PreventionASTM D-1301A
Rust PreventionASTM D-665
Distilled WaterPass-Clean
Synthetic Sea WaterPass-Clean
Four Ball WearASTM D-22660.40 mm