Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Greases NLGI#2, #1

Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Greases NLGI#2 and #1 are biobased, Extreme Pressure (EP) greases specially formulated for sliding surfaces and applications where extreme pressure exceeds the fluid film. The super high viscosity index of the Stabilized* HOBS naturally improves the thermal shear stability and load carrying capacity. These products provide exceptional EP performance where a solid film lubricant is required. In addition, they provide good anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-wear protection. Their specially designed low-toxic, tacky lithium thickener and calcium enhanced additive technology system provides for improved water resistance, corrosion protection, mechanical stability and excellent pumpability in low temperature for automatic lubricating equipment. They contain no heavy metals or chlorine and are Ultimately/Readily Biodegradable1. (Bio-E.P.™ Graphite GreasesNLGI#1&2 are the best responsible environmental choice for replacing Cat. spec. 3% to 5% Moly EP Grease recommended in most heavy construction, mining, agriculture, and forestry equipment). Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Greases NLGI#1-provides the best pumpability performance in cold temperature and is highly recommended for railroad tracks, gage faces, wheel flanges on locomotive and automatic lubrication systems, can also be used in wire rope applications.


Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Grease NLGI#1-2 are specifically designed for lubrication of sliding surfaces, slow moving journal, and roller, bearings continually reversing under load in one direction and then another and where a hydrodynamic lubricating fluid film cannot be developed. Sliding surface examples include: wire rope, railroad tracks, gage faces, wheel flanges on locomotive and railroad cars, curved railroad tracks, chains, cables (wire rope), hinge pins, bushing, Truck fifth wheels, slideways kingpins, and chassis, NLGI Classification LB.

Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Grease NLGI#1&2 meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) guidelines for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), and should be used where LOW TOXICITY, BIODEGRADABILITY and NON-BIOACCUMULATION properties are required. They exceed the acute toxicity (LC-50 / EC-50 >1000 ppm/1000 mg/Lt) criteria adopted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US EPA. Bio-E.P.™ Graphite Greases NLGI#2 and #1 are ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE Greases that are formulated from renewable agricultural biobased resources.

Typical Data:

TextureSmooth, TackySmooth, Tacky
Thickener TypeLithiumLithium
Graphite Pencent5%5%
Pen, worked D-217265-295310-340
Drop Point ℉ D-566           355℉350℉
Base Oil-
Viscosity @ 40℃ cSt4343
Viscosity @ 100℃ cSt10.410.4
Viscosity Index242242
Pour Point-31℃-31℃
4-Ball Wear D-22660.40-0.50 mm0.40-0.50 mm
4-Ball EP D-2596Weld 500kgWeld 500kg
LWI 55LWI 55
Timken OK Load D-2509 60 lbs55 lbs