Bio-SynXtra™ Stern Tube Lube ISO 68-220

Bio-SynXtra™ Stern Tube Lubes are specially designed, biobased synthetic formulas that replace conventional mineral oil based lubricants for lubricating bearing sets in ship stern tubes and certain designed retractable fin stabilizers and controllable pitch propeller systems. They are ultimate biodegradable1 and specifically designed to provide the proper emulsification of seawater for improved lubrication in wet conditions. In ASTM D-1401 modified test, 20% water in oil emulsion remained thick and stable for 60 minutes. An environmentally friendly additive system has been developed that provides excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidation, and anti-foam performance and the fluids are highly inhibited to prevent wear and corrosion, if up to 20% seawater temporarily enters bearing and gear-set areas. They are compatible with yellow and white metals and petroleum oils they come in contact with. The antiwear performance is enhanced by use of the Stabilized* biosynthetic base oils which provides an exceptional oily boundary film protection. There super high viscosity index naturally improves the fluid film strength between metal surfaces and provides additional load carrying properties. They are formulated to provide seal conditioning for longer seal life, reduce oil leakage from the system, and heavier viscosities can serve as effective temporary leak control in the case of worn or damaged seals. To protect the environment and equipment, damaged seal must be repaired as soon as possible according to VGP.
These (BioPreferredsm) products have shown to provide exceptional protection in equipment subject to heavy shock loads and excessive moisture. With the exception of ASTM D1401 demulsification, they meet and exceed the requirements for ashless API GL-1, GL-2, GL-3, DIN 51517 Part 3, and AGMA Non-EP gear oils for bearings, reduction units, and gear sets.

Bio-SynXtra™ Stern Tube Lubes meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) definition for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), and should be used where LOW TOXICITY, BIODEGRADABILITY and NON-BIOACCUMULATION properties are required. They exceed the acute toxicity (LC-50 / EC-50 >1000 mg/L) criteria adopted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US EPA. Bio-SynXtra™ Stern Tube Lubes are ENVIRONMENTALLY ACCEPTED LUBRICANTS (EALs) that are formulated from renewable agricultural biobased resources. We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable materials. 1 Based on previous ASTM D-5864 studies and ASTM D-7373 Calculations, Bio-SynXtra™ Stern Tube Lubes are Ultimate/Readily Biodegradable >60% within 28 days in Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants.

Typical Data:

ISO  68100150220
@40℃, cSt. 64.294.1145203
Viscosity Index (D-2270)  202199198196
Flash Point, COC, ℃(D-92) 259262268270
Pour Point, ℃(D-92)-36-34-31-26
Copper Corrosion 3hr@100℃(D-130) 1A 1A 1A 1A  
4-Ball Wear (US Steel S-205)0.350.350.350.35
Demulsibility (D-1401) PassPassPassPass
Galvanic Corrosion (Fed-Std 7915#5322) PassPassPassPass
Corrosion/Oxidation @100℃ (D-4636) PassPassPassPass
FZG Test (DIN 51354 Part 2) >12>12>12>12
Foam Sequence I, II, III (D-892)   Pass Pass   Pass Pass 
Rust Prevention (D-665 A&B) Pass Pass   Pass Pass