Bio-E.P.™ Wire Rope Lubricants

Bio-E.P.™ Wire Rope Lubricants are ultimately biodegradable1 vegetable oils formulated with antiwear, extreme pressure (EP), anti-rust, oxidation inhibitors, and a tackifier.  They provide a light waxy-tacky coating, and are recommended for lubricating multi-strand cables and wire rope wound around central cores of steel or fiber, which are subject to heavy loading and/or shock loading.  These biobased products provide improved fire resistance over equal viscosity petroleum products and contain no chlorine, zinc, or heavy metals.  Performance is enhanced by use of the Stabilized HOBS’s natural vegetable oil composition, which provides an oily boundary film.  In addition, this oily film has a natural polarity to metal surfaces and helps clean and then penetrates deep into the inner core of the cable preventing rust and wear.  The super high viscosity index of the Stabilized HOBS adds additional lubrication qualities to this high performance lubricant.  Laboratory and field tests have shown that the products provide exceptional protection with excellent low temperature pumpability.

Applications: Bio-E.P.™ Wire Rope Lubricants are specifically designed to provide high anti-wear, EP, and anti-rust protection.  They provide a corrosion inhibiting, waxy film that is especially effective in protecting ferrous metals in salt and acid fume (hydrochloric acid) environments and against high humidity.  They are non-staining to nonferrous metals, water displacing, and also effective in protecting galvanized steel.  They protect cables, pulleys, sliding surfaces, and threads against damage from corrosion, galling or seizure. Other applications including: chains, slideways, and hinge pins.  Field applications can be applied by spray, brush, dip, drip or pressure boot.  (Can be applied without heating, but warming to 30 to 40°C prior to use will provide faster penetration into strands.  Because of the waxes, slight agitation may be needed after months in storage).

Bio-E.P.™ Wire Rope Lubricants meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) guidelines for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs), and should be used where LOW TOXICITY, BIODEGRADABILITY and NON-BIOACCUMULATION properties are required. They exceed the acute toxicity (LC-50 / EC-50 >1000 ppm) criteria adopted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US EPA. Bio-E.P.™ Wire Rope Lubricants are ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural biobased resources.

Typical Data:

SAE GradeASTM10W2010W3015W4015W5020W60
ISO Viscosity Grade324668100150
@100℃., cSt.7.510.313.417.924.5
@40℃., cSt.31.845.867.294.2137.3
Viscosity IndexD-2270216222206210212
Flash Point, COC,℃D-92224230272278282
Pour Point,℃D-97-32-32-30-28-23
Copper Corrosion D-1301B1B1B1B1B
4-Ball Wear (mm)D-41720.40.350.350.350.35
4-Ball EP, Weld Point (kg)D-2783400400450450450
Rust Prevention
A-Distilled water,A&BD-665PassPassPassPassPass
Cabinet Humidity  D-1748>60 days>60 days>60 days>60 days>60 days
Salt Fog Corrosion B-117>60 hrs.>60 hrs.>60 hrs.>60 hrs.>60 hrs.